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David Silchman

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Falco. I didn't build mine. Bought it from the original builder and it's still in its original configuration.

Pete Porebski

I am interested in following your progress as I bought a Falco project and am starting to work on it.

Gary Vrbas

I just descovered your website a few moments ago. I have been interested in the Falco since the early 90's when I bought the plans and a spruce materials kit. Just recently I have begun to seriously work on the project. I will continue to follow your work as an inspiration to me. I live in southern California but am originally from Nebraska and visit there often. In addition to your project and David Silchman's flying Falco, it would be interesting to know what other Falco activities are in Nebraska.

Jerry Mulliken

Good luck with your project, Gary. I know of a couple other Nebraskans with Falcos in their past, but none other that are current.

mike Mc loughlin

Hi, just discovered your site,greatly moved by your memorial page,for lots or reasons ! ,I am based in Dublin ireland and have a sequoia Falco on long term hold and an original Falco S3 due to geta lot of TLC in the near future.Very good site and really interesting to watch your progress.Falco building is therapy for the soul. Best regards Mike

Jerry Mulliken

Thanks, Mike. I agree about the therapy part. What is a Falco S3?

George Richards

Fun site. Love the way you got the spar to fit in your shop.
Enjoy the built.
Falco ZK-SMR

mike Mc loughlin

Falco S3 is an original series 3 Regards Mike


Can anybody suggest how to became a US registered Falco owner although
not being a US citizen? That is because importing it in Italy where I live is practically impossible (I should dismantle it completely and rebuild it under Italian Register control,as the airplane I want to buy is a home built one). So the only way is to fly it in Europe under US markins and with US licence. Thanx

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